Tie a butterfly to a blue suit. Butterfly under the classic men's suit, how to choose

  1. Where is a bow tie appropriate?
  2. How to choose a butterfly suit?

Sometimes, there are promotions in our store in which we give our customers different gifts, including stylish butterflies.

So, I noticed that many who decide to take advantage of the offer are lost when it comes to choosing a butterfly.

And this is quite understandable, because the choice or tie, and those that will be stylishly combined with clothing, is not a simple matter.

And if a person acquires an improper butterfly, then he may not like it and he will not wear it ...

Or, even worse, it will be worn, but instead of elegance and style, a butterfly will make it look absurd. (By the way, I am sure that for this very reason many men are afraid to wear a bow tie and never even tried to try it on)

So, first I will write a few words about when to wear butterflies.

Here it is important to remember that male butterflies appeared as an alternative to ties and symbolize the “challenge” of everyday life and generally accepted rules and norms in clothing.

Here it is important to remember that male butterflies appeared as an alternative to ties and symbolize the “challenge” of everyday life and generally accepted rules and norms in clothing

Therefore, people who wear butterflies emphasize their individuality, self-confidence and independence from the opinions of others.

This means that a bow tie can be worn in any setting and with any clothing, and not just for special occasions.

The next thing to consider is the color, appearance and material of the butterfly.

The combination of colors is quite a big topic, and you can write a lot about it, so I will not delve into it now, but I will share only the main rules.

  1. The most reliable option is a black butterfly.
  2. Black color is combined with clothes of any color and is appropriate in any setting.
  3. The color of the butterfly should be darker than the shirt.
  4. When choosing a color butterfly, you must make sure that the color will be combined with the color of the clothes or accessories. (The reverse is also possible, when the color of the butterfly contrasts strongly with the color of the clothes.)
  5. Colors such as red, blue and green go well with a white shirt.

If we talk about the material, it is important here that the material of the butterfly is the same or similar to the material of clothing.

It is worth paying attention to the type of butterfly. There are butterflies that need to be tied up with your own hands (like a tie), and there are already knotted ones that are only regulated in length. Ready-made butterflies are more comfortable, but independently knotted always look more stylish and elegant.

Another important tip: always try on a butterfly.

In addition to the combination of colors and clothes, the butterfly should be in harmony with your appearance and image in general.

And the last, most important rule : experiment.

Do not be afraid to try different options. Good way to quickly develop your sense of style is to test different combinations of clothes in practice.

This also works with a selection of butterflies. Just take and try on all the options and see which one is most harmoniously combined with your appearance.

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A bow tie is an integral part of an elegant, stylish man’s wardrobe. The man in the butterfly corresponds to the image of a gallant gentleman who attracts the eyes of others. To wear a butterfly is a whole art, which, fortunately, is not difficult to master. It is enough to know how to choose the right butterfly and with what to combine it. If before the bow tie was worn exclusively with a tailcoat or tuxedo, now this accessory can be successfully combined with other clothes, provided that your image will look harmonious as a whole. Today I will talk about what bow ties will fit the classic men's suit .

Where is a bow tie appropriate?

The time of the London dandies and lords remained in the distant past, and the bow tie did not lose its charm and charm. Although, for sure, many of you have already wondered where to go in a suit with a bow tie. The most common are solemn events - weddings, anniversaries and other holidays. A costume with a butterfly will also be appropriate at any social event - a concert, exhibition, film premiere. Excellent in a suit with a bow tie and you will look in a restaurant next to your companion or business partners. In a bow tie you will always look stylish.

Now many world famous brands of men's clothing offer a large assortment of butterflies that can be worn not only at official ceremonial events, but also in Everyday life let's say if you want to diversify your office business style . Especially under the butterfly come out and shirts with a butterfly collar, the edges of which are bent at a 45-degree angle. Buy a shirt is not difficult.

Butterflies come in different sizes Butterflies come in different sizes. The maximum length of the edges is up to 8 cm. I recommend choosing not too small, but not too large. The little one will simply not be noticeable on you, so you risk spoiling the image. And too much will distract attention or even will look ridiculous. Remember that the butterfly should complement your image. Therefore, correlate the size of the butterfly with your type of figure and the oval of the face. So thin and slender guys can choose a small butterfly, and chubby men of dense physique recommend choosing broader options. There is one way to let you know if a butterfly is the right fit for you. Mentally draw two parallel straight lines down from the outer corners of the eyes - approximately the same width as your butterfly.

The material from which the butterfly is made is different, but most often it is polyester, silk, satin The material from which the butterfly is made is different, but most often it is polyester, silk, satin. There are woolen and cotton options. Here I recommend to give preference to non-natural fabrics. They do not crumple, they keep their shape perfectly, so they will be a more practical option.

It is better to give preference to the already tied butterflies, and even better if it is a butterfly with clasps and a length adjuster. These models are the most convenient, so you can easily choose an accessory to fit the size of the gate. However, do not forget that when you wear a bow tie, all the fasteners and elastic bands should be under the collar, make sure that nothing sticks out anywhere.

You can buy a butterfly that you need to tie yourself You can buy a butterfly that you need to tie yourself. It is much more difficult to do than in the case of a tie, but a little workout, and you will succeed. If there is a desire, you can study the illustration, where everything is clearly shown on the diagram. Which option you prefer - your business. The main thing is that the butterfly should be tied smoothly, neatly and look symmetrical. In addition to the butterfly, the samovyaz (or the self-tie), which is a ribbon, and the already knotted butterfly with a clasp (the pre-tied), there is a third type - the attached butterfly (the clip-on). The latter option is generally devoid of any tape and is attached to the collar of the shirt with a metal fastener located on back side . More often, such butterflies are bought for children, but they are also sold to adults.

There are several types of bow ties. For classic suit A butterfly with straight ends and pointed ends will fit. Both of these options are intended for special occasions. But the butterfly with straight ends is a more official version.

How to choose a butterfly suit?

The butterfly should be in harmony with the costume The butterfly should be in harmony with the costume. Therefore, for the classics do not choose too motley colors and bright pattern. Everything must be restrained and elegant. The most official version: black suit, black shoes, white shirt and black butterfly. With a white shirt and black suit, in principle, butterflies of any color will look advantageous. The main thing is that it is appropriate. Choosing a bright option, think about whether your outfit will fit the occasion.

In general, a tie should always be chosen to fit a certain shirt or shirt In general, a tie should always be chosen to fit a certain shirt or shirt. And in the case of a bow tie, the basic principle is the same: the butterfly should be darker than the shirt. That is, colored butterflies can be worn not only with white shirts, but also with colored, close bow ties. For example, a burgundy butterfly is suitable for a pink shirt, for a blue shirt - blue and so on.

If you like to wear shirts in a strip or in a cage, the butterfly is better to choose a monochrome, or it should be with the same print as on the shirt. This option will be less official, so try to make your image appropriate for the occasion.

Traditionally, preference is given to butterflies of inconspicuous shades: white, milky, blue, peach. A white butterfly is most often worn under black or gray shirt . Some prefer “white on white” - when a shirt and a butterfly are the same color. This image also has a right to exist.

In general, these are all the main points that you should remember when choosing a butterfly. For formal and special occasions this wardrobe item will be very appropriate, you will look attractive and stylish. When choosing a bow tie to and be guided, first of all, by your own taste. Do not be afraid of bold combinations, so you will attract attention and enthusiastic views. But remember the main rule when creating any image - do not overdo it. A butterfly is an item of clothing that not everyone can wear. If you are comfortable in, you can safely give preference to him. Successful to you experiments!

Where is a bow tie appropriate?
How to choose a butterfly suit?
Where is a bow tie appropriate?
How to choose a butterfly suit?